Friday, May 20, 2011

Wrap-up for the Year

On Tuesday, we briefly reviewed the year and spoke about possible plans for next year. Overall, there was definite interest in continuing next year - whether or not AM Exchange is part of the new learning cohort structure which is under development. In general, the group seemed to feel that meeting twice a month was a good frequency. We also noted that having a pre-determined topic was useful. Members generally liked that the group was not formal and that we could have some “laid back” discussions about what might or might not work in a classroom, while also creating awareness of new tools.

Several people liked the idea that topics covered were generated by us and wanted to continue that format. Andy noted how he had presented Twitter to his Department and then had some follow-up discussions with a colleague. We spoke briefly about experimenting with meetings next year so that the first meeting each month could focus on a new tool or topic and the second on actual “hands-on” trial and maybe even application with a class.

Since we agreed to take a hiatus for the summer, here are links to 2 recent articles of interest:

Enjoy and thank you to everyone!

In attendance: Raquelle Brennan, Erika Eich, Judy Gressel, Andy Horne, Keta McCarthy, Linda Straube and Matt Stuczynski.

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