Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Discussion of NICE and ICE Conferences

We reconvened this morning and shared thoughts about the learning we had been doing at NICE (Northern Illinois Computing Educators) and ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) conferences.

Some key links:
NICE conference: http://www.iceberg.org/nice/resources
[JudyG also posted separately in more detail elsewhere on this blog]

ICE Conference info: http://www.iceberg.org/ and wiki link (files still being uploaded): http://www.icewiki.info/

Linda and Judy attended a session on Differentiating Education.
Erika and Matt attended David Pogue's keynote and brought up several points of interest:

Growth of tools like face recognition, spatial recognition (iphoto); concerns about privacy and permanence of information on the Internet.
David Pogue's other visions for the future, including that Kindles may be gone in 5 years, although he feels there is value in the print book.
Erika referred to Pogue's comments about the idea that today's first and second graders will be growing up using iPhones and other devices and the impact that will have on teaching and learning.

We started a discussion of Apple products, including the new iPad and JudyG recommended reading:
Mashable : ipad2 buyers guide: http://mashable.com/2011/03/07/ipad-2-buyers-guide-2/
Generally, members of the group who had MacBooks said they were easier to use than laptop PC. We talked about how we might investigate getting more Mac products.

MobileMe: backup and syncing of all files to multiple devices including your phone was another convenient "in the cloud" resource we discussed.

JudyG referred to her post on the UnConference and raised the question of whether we would be willing to try something similar at New Trier.

REMINDER: NICE meeting RSVP for March 15 at Northfield campus -- do that here: http://tinyurl.com/nicemeeting ******

Our next AM Exchange meeting is Tuesday morning, March 22nd at 7:30am in Jim Foster’s office. The topic is creating videos with screencasting tools and Linda will lead that discussion. In April, Erika will talk about a session she attended on Top Ten Tech Apps.

In attendance: Erika Eich, Jim Foster, Andy Horne, Judy Gressel, Linda Straube and Matt Stuczynski.

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