Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today’s Topics: Using Adobe Acrobat to make a form

Jim Foster presented on creating forms with Adobe Acrobat. He pointed out the power – and complexity – of this tool, including various options involved with objects, layout, binding, submit buttons, etc. We have used this type of form successfully with students during classes where they completed and printed a form. However, we have run into some difficulties with having students save their work for future reference. Jim is still investigating the best way to have students use and save their input.

We will meet again in 2 weeks (Nov. 16). Tentative topic is setting up RSS feeds – Erika will be the primary presenter. We also noted that the Global Education Conference will be held November 15-19. There will be over 350 sessions. Here is a schedule using Chicago times. If there is sufficient interest, we could attend one or more sessions independently or together and report back to the group at a future meeting.

In attendance: Raquelle Brennan, Ian Duell, Erika Eich, Jim Foster, Andy Horne, and Linda Straube.

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